Work? I Thought I Was Playing!:

Discovering Passion, Purpose and Potential™

This workshop allows you to recognize your passion, identify your goals and act upon them quickly. By making the connection between personal and professional growth opportunities, you create a clear vision, a meaningful compelling future, and the path to get there. Together we mine your highest potential. You then begin moving in your authentic direction where business opportunities abound.

Tap into Your Passions...

Maximize Your Potential....

Discover Your Creative Power!

Transform your workplace into your playground.

What results can you expect by participating?

  • Clarified Passion, Purposeful Vision, and a Compelling Future
  • Integrated Business and Life Plans ¬ Unleashed Creativity
  • Ability to Identify Your Best Opportunities
  • Courage to Move Through and With Fear
  • Internal Fire to Achieve Your Goals

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Chip Conley, CEO and author PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo From Maslow

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